DAMEJ: Sponsored Athletes

Athlete Sponsorship

At DAMEJ not only do we produce top quality fight and training gear, we sponsor some of the top and upcoming fighters in both Muay Thai and MMA. In addition to providing our athletes with DAMEJ gear and kit, we strive to promote each of our athletes through our own media and channels, to both the profiles and opportunities of each of our athletes.

Check back in this space soon as we will be adding much more content to this space about our sponsored athletes and their progress!

  • Chris Shaw

    Higher Level

    Muay Thai 41-10-0 (25KO)

    • One Championship Signed Athlete
    • Scottish Champion
    • British Champion
    • European Champion
    • World Champion
  • Lee Mackay

    OB Gym

    Muay Thai 9-3-0 (5KO)

    • Celtic Champion
    • European Champion
    • Intercontinental Champion
  • Rudy Da Silva


    Muay Thai 17-2-1

    • WBC World Games Silver medallist
    • 2x National Champion
    • British Champion
    • European Champion
    • 3x Sandee open Champion
    • Celtic Champion
  • Jamie McCaw

    Base Muay Thai

    Muay Thai

  • Charlie Bedford

    Bad Company

    Muay Thai 9-3-0

    • WBC World Games Gold medallist
  • Stephen Simmons-Clancy

    Higher Level

    Muay Thai 3-0 / MMA 2-0/BJJ 11-0

    • WBC World Games Gold medallist